Here we treat the body as an entire intergrated unit because that is how it functions

Treating as an integrated unity

At PhysiCare we look at the bigger picture instead of just the area of complaint. We do this because we understand the pain cycle and how the body naturally responds. Pain is a symptom of something wrong within your body, and a lot of the time the root cause is not at the site of the pain. Also with pain and or injury there is always an adaptation/compensation in the body to relieve the symptoms so you can continue with your routines. This can also cause imbalances within the neural and muscular systems. With this in mind we have a system to asses the whole body from the feet up and treat accordingly. "Everything is connected and everything matters"

Utilizing a range of therapies to maximise our clients outcome.

We have studied and continue to study a range of different approaches to receive the most effective outcome for our clients. How we can do this is by working directly with the nervous system, the musculoskeletal system, the circulatory system, the lymphatic system, the fascial system and of course the immune system. By working with all of these systems the results we can achieve are wonderful and are instant.


To the Clinic

PhysiCare is a warm welcoming practice in north Dublin that provides natural solutions to treat injury, pain and dysfunction within the body. We utilise a range of methods to achieve this such as advanced Acupuncture and Chinese medical methods, modern Physical therapy and movement based therapy to work with all of the bodies internal systems naturally. We offer a very unique and relaxed service and each treatment is tailor-made to treat your specific individual requirements and needs.Call us anytime and we can answer any of your queries.

Our intergrated approach to treatment

Our approach to treating our clients is very thorough, systematic and logical, we begin with an in depth history. This will help us to assertain the root of the issue, then we will carry out a very detailed postural and body reading analyses from a movement and static view in all planes of motion. We look at the bio-mechanincs of your feet and your gait (walk cycle) functionality in movement. We will look at muscle testing and functional joint range of motion. With all of this information we will begin to see why you require the treatment that you are seeking. With all of this information we can now begin our effective program with our wide range of very effective techniques to get you back to optimal and functional pain free healthy living and movement.