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About Physicare

Darren’s story is a very warm welcoming clinical practice that was set up and is run by Darren O Rourke.
Darren began his interests in anatomy, bio-mechanics and in injury prevention, treatment and rehabilitation after many years training in martial arts and battling with his own set back from pain! Also he was always amazed at how the human body could be so resilient and move so fluidly and yet from time to time for what would seem like no reason at all it would break down and need to be rested/maintained. So the natural progression for him then was to study bio-mechanics, anatomy and physiology more in depth and begin to understand more so, why and how the human body functions and also to train and study in different aspects of treating the body, injuries and painful conditions.

To date Darren has studied with the Acupuncture Foundation (AFI) where he qualified with a Diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture)(TCM) and he then travelled to China to par-take in a post graduate programme and further his studies , he worked in a hospital on a clinical placement in the Nanjing province. From Darren’s time in Nanjing he was awarded a further certificate in Acupuncture and a Licentiate upon completion of the post graduate programe.

Since completing the 3 year study and training with AFI Darren continues to take further post graduate studies with world renowned lectures in TCM such as Giovanni Maciocia, Debra Betts, Jani White as well as many more, and in the fields of specialists areas within TCM such as Fertility,Auricular Acupuncture and Scalp Acupuncture, Electro/Micro current therapy, addiction. Darren is a member of the Acupuncture Foundation Professional Association (AFPA) who is the regulating body of Acupuncturists in Ireland. As a member of the AFPA we adhere to their code of ethics to guarantee the highest level of safety and professionalism to all clients.

Darren is also a graduate of Neuromuscular Physical Therapy (Physical therapy) from the National training centre (NTC). Neuromuscular Physical Therapy (NMPT) is a modern scientific based approach?that focuses on the neural and musculoskeletal system and it is and very effective in treating and assessing pain and injury. NMPT might be more commonly known for it’s very effective treatment with trigger point and referral pain patterns.

As a health and fitness enthusiast himself Darren has trained as a martial artist for the majority of his life in the art of Ninjustsu, he also trains in BJJ and enjoys weight training, and as such he has a drive of dedication and continually seeks effectiveness in his therapeutic skills and he continues to study and build on his knowledge and skillset.

Darren’s Clinical Skillset

  • TCM Acupuncture
  • Advanced Distal Acupuncture
  • Electro and Micro-current Therapy
  • Trigger Point Needle Therapy (Also known as Dry Needling)
  • Cupping Therapy
  • Osteopathic Spinal Manipulations
  • Anatomy in Motion (AiM) As seen on BBC’s Dr. In the house.
  • Neuromuscular Physical Therapy
  • Nerve and Artery Release/Mobilisation/Manipulation
  • Fascial Stretch/Release/Mobilisation
  • Kinesiology taping and strapping


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Darren treating a patient with chronic lower back pain in the 2nd affiliated hospital of the Jiangsu province.

Our Services

Why us

  • 1.
    At PhysiCare We Care.

    At physicare we care about every client that walks through our doors and the complaints that they come in with.

  • 2.
    At PhysiCare We Combine.

    At physicare we combine a range of treatment methods and educate our clients on their condition and empower them with knowledge to become part of their own treatment plan to achieve a more efficient outcome, and prevent re-occurance of the dysfunction.

  • 3.
    The PhysiCare 3 Treatment Principle.

    At physicare 95% of our clients feel a huge improvement in their presenting conditions after just one session and after 3 sessions we achieve a signifficant improvemvent in pain, posture and movement.


Just finished acupuncture there and my neck is feeling good thanks Darren O Rourke really recommend it.

Anthony Fitzgerald (Pride of Dublin)

I’m very pleased with the treatment I am receiving, Darren is very professional and explains everything he is doing. I can feel a great improvement in my back since I started the treatment. I would strongly recommend Darren in the future.

Debbie O Reilly

Thanks Darren for your great help. I have been suffering from lower back for the last months and Darren did a really good job. I could feel better from the very first moment after the treatment. I really recommend it.
September 6, 2014

Blanca Saro

I suffered from back pain, then the appointment I feel reallly better. Thank you very much for your help and for the quickness of appointment.
November 4, 2014

Typhaine Jolivet

Amazing treatment thank you so much, I will definitely recommend you to everyone!

Jordanne Shah

A very professional service-got treatment on my shoulder and got great relief.Would highly recommend Darren – an excellent therapist.

Ruth McClean Conroy

For anybody looking for top quality Physio I can highly recommend Darren O Rourke PhysiCare, to any of my fitness friends if ur suffering with an injury give Darren a shout. I’ve gone to a fair few physio’s and have never been really that happy but Darren is excellent, and has really helped me with a lingering shoulder injury!

Anita Arkins

I paid another visit to magic hands himself today, Darren O Rourke. Been suffering with lower back pain over the last few weeks from battering my body inside the gym, after some work today with Darren I felt pain free and manage to kill another great training session tonight. Highly recommend this guy to anyone suffering with muscle pain of any type. I’ll now be using Darren all the way through my training prep. Thanks again man

Chris Meehan PT

Went to see Darren with pelvic pain. Have suffered this for over 20 months but just put it off. I’m so happy I finally went to see someone. Came away feeling much more movement and also am more aware of my posture. I like the fact that your then contacted to ensure your feeling good and not just to make another appointment. Would highly recommend

Just had a session this morning with Darren and could not recommend him highly enough. Took a detailed history before starting the session so as he could better assess my individual needs. I went in with bad back pain and a curved spine. I left with a near straight spine and much better posture. I feel like a weight has been lifted and that’s after just one session. Can’t wait for the next one!! A+ care and attention to the patient, always making sure I was comfortable and not in too much pain throughout the hole session.